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Discover the key benefits of choosing Sendinlead to drive strategic lead generation, elevated customer engagement, and sales process efficiency

Scale Lead Generation Generate verified leads at scale from various channels

Personalized Outreach Send tailored messages to engage potential clients effectively

Efficient Sales Flow Streamline your sales process and save valuable time

Targeted Campaigns Maximize conversions with personalized and data-driven campaigns

Enhanced Customer Interaction Impress clients with data-driven, customized interactions

Innovative Solutions Stay ahead with cutting-edge tools tailored for sales teams

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Enhance Your Lead Generation with Our Domain Upload Feature

Efficiently find and verify real prospects' emails

Upload your Domain list

Find valid and active email addresses in seconds

Our software goes through all Domains

Get all linked information such as : -Emails -Social media URLs -Usernames (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more) -Phone numbers

Big Database of Domains

Unlock New Opportunities with Daily Registered Domain Leads

Discover the power of real-time data with our innovative service, which provides daily updates on all domains newly registered on the Internet and gives you access to over 100,000 new domains each day.

This wealth of data opens up unparalleled opportunities for businesses keen on capturing the freshest companies emerging online.

Each lead comes equipped with valuable information, including location, phone numbers, emails, domain details, registration dates, and more.

Powerful Features

Sendinlead offers a wide array of features for sales and marketing automation

LinkedIn Scraper

tract emails and contacts from B2B social media. Find new leads in one click and create targeted lists.

Chatbots on your Website

Convert your visitors into leads. Automatically chat with your visitors and capture data from them. 

Newsletter Campaigns

Create and send engaging newsletters to nurture leads and drive conversions

Social Proof Notifications

Generate and display notifications on your website by installing a widget to show random messages to your visitors

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Our Customers Celebrate Unprecedented Sales Success with Sendinlead

John Corols


Sendinlead has revolutionized our sales and marketing strategies, turning challenges into triumphs. We've experienced unprecedented growth, thanks to their adaptive solutions.

Jane Dan


Using Sendinlead has transformed our approach to customer acquisition. Their comprehensive suite of tools has helped us discover, engage, and convert leads with remarkable efficiency.

Silke Schmitt

Sales Director

Sendinlead has been a game-changer for our sales team. It has enabled us to streamline our processes, resulting in increased productivity and improved conversion rates.

Dom Williams

Digital Marketing

Sendinlead made it incredibly easy for us to reach out to our potential customers and build strong relationships. Their B2B lead extraction from social media feature works like a charm!

Daniela Lange

Head of Sales

Their product significantly increased the efficiency of our marketing and sales processes. The sequence campaigns allowed us to target prospects more strategically and close deals faster.

Susan Collins

Marketing Manager

Sendinlead helped us in generating local leads, which greatly improved our sales. Also, their social proof notification widget uplifted our customer engagement rates.



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All Features with Limited Use

2000 Email Discovery

1000 Prospecting

5 Email Campaigns

2000 B2B Lead Extraction

5 Social Proof Notifications

1 Advanced Chatbot Solutions

2000 Data Enrichment




Advanced Use for growing businesses

5000 Email Discovery


10 Email Campaigns

4000 B2B Lead Extraction

10 Social Proof Notifications

3 Advanced Chatbot Solutions

5000 Data Enrichment




Unlimited use for businesses looking to maximize lead generation

Email Discovery


Email Campaigns

B2B Lead Extraction

Social Proof Notifications

Advanced Chatbot Solutions

Data Enrichment


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